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Innovation is at the heart of what we do

When we first started Franklin Products in 1988, we wanted to work with customers to improve the passenger experience. We wanted to push the envelope of airline seating, challenge conventional thinking and develop new ideas. From innovative material selection to cushionless/coverless seating, from ultrafast cover attachments to a combination of rigid seat pan and diaphragm, we’re always exploring new ways to reduce weight and improve passenger comfort.

Our aim is to deliver you the highest quality products that best suit your needs. Weight reduction, comfort, durability, and sustainability are watchwords that help guide our Research and Development team toward new goals.


The 10 year cushion?

Our mission is to supply new and innovative products that help manufacturers meet airline specifications. We’re constantly working toward lighter, stronger and more durable products. With up to 50% increase in cushion life, we believe our latest innovation, OMNI-Flex, is a significant step on the journey to a 10 year cushion.

Save Weight

Weight is a critical component of air travel affecting everything from the superstructure to fuel economy. FlyRight was developed as a high comfort, cushionless seat with no pan or cushion. The unique design builds on our suspension fabric product to maintain passenger comfort whilst the removal of the cover and cushion contribute to significant weight savings per installation.

Save Time

Time spent cleaning and maintaining aircraft impacts your business, keeping planes on the ground for longer. Velocity is an integrated dress cover attachment system that dramatically speeds up the installation and removal of seat covers – reducing production times for seat manufacture and airline maintenance. Velocity can even be produced as a reversible upholstery system for fast rebrands, stains or spillages.

Improve Comfort

Traditional foam cushions have proven highly effective in improving passenger comfort on conventional seat structures. Franklin also developed a unique way of combining the benefits of a solid pan with a suspended diaphragm offering maximum comfort with a reduced thickness cushion – Panaphragm.

Improve durability

Extending the life span of a seat cushion reduces cost of ownership and environmental waste. With OMNI-Flex, our next generation diaphragm seating technology helps answer these questions. Designed to extend the life and comfort of airline seating, OMNI-Flex offers the maximum durable comfort with the minimum of cushioning.

Style for every cabin, delivered.