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Franklin is more than a business; it is the result of an uncompromising attitude toward materials, quality and on-time delivery.


We’ve got your back!

Using knowledge and experience gained from over 30 years within the industry, Franklin creates high performing seat cushions, dress covers and seating systems for every cabin.

Inspired by the technical challenges in the aerospace sector; every cushion, cover and seating system design by Franklin is engineered to meet the key design pillars at the core of our business.


Global business with a family culture

Franklin first began developing seat cushions over 30 years ago from a single location in northwest Connecticut and this remains home to the group’s headquarters today.

Franklin has now grown to multiple locations across North America and Europe and has a global sales presence and distribution networks that allow us to deliver our products across the globe.

In the mid 2000’s Franklin’s began creating seat covers and accessories that better served the aviation industry and its passengers – work that is continued by the family of its founder, Ron Picard

Under their leadership, Franklin is recognised across the globe for its commitment to quality, safety and innovation, and for its focus on the highest standards of passenger comfort.


Design meets comfort

The company has also been structured into three areas; Seat Cushions, Dress Covers, and Seating Systems.

While the company continues to develop new manufacturing techniques, the fundamental approach never changes. The company’s global team of experts travels the world sourcing the best materials and developing enhanced processes. We source the best materials from around the world for our highly skilled operators to create highly durable products of supreme comfort and style.

At every stage, we combine traditional techniques with advanced technology focusing on a single goal – engineered excellence.

Style for every cabin, delivered.