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Aircraft Seat Cushions and Covers

In 1988 Franklin introduced an engineered seat cushion to the aerospace industry that provided an improved passenger experience.

This was later followed by the introduction of dress cover manufacture, where we were able to use the same engineering approach to design the cover alongside the seat cushion, to get the optimum fit and overall comfort level that our customers require.

We have now grown into a world leading aircraft seat cushion manufacturer with facilities all over the world.  Come join us.

Here at Franklin we are driven by a passion to provide our customers with comfort solutions and a passenger experience that exceeds all expectations.

Kerri Picard,President

Why choose us

Excellence in seat cushions, covers and accessories

Global Manufacturing

Manufacturing facilities in multiple countries means we’re able to deliver high quality products anywhere in the world.

Expert Design

Over 30 years we’ve developed a design process that brings together ergonomics, engineering and aesthetics.

A family culture

From the founding family to the employees across the world, family culture is a big part of who we are. 

Engineered Comfort

We provide the highest quality engineering, products and services to every customer

Our mission

Join us on our journey to
the 10 year cushion

As a leading aircraft seat cushion manufacturer, our mission is to supply new and innovative products that help manufacturers meet airline specifications. We’re constantly working toward lighter, stronger and more durable products.

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