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At Franklin, we take pride in improving the aviation experience with cutting edge innovations for lighter, more durable seating. First is a full mesh suspension premium seat utilising OMNI-Flex with adaptable comfort on the backrest. Truly a First in aviation seating!

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OMNI-Flex Adjustable

Revolutionary Seating Comfort

  • Experience a true revolution in seating comfort with OMNI-Flex Adjustable technology.
  • This seat incorporates adjustable tension allowing active control in multiple zones across the backrest.
  • Adaptable comfort with the ability to increase or reduce tension in specific area so the passenger can experience the sensation of an adjustable lumbar system.
  • Discover the versatility and personalised comfort offered by OMNI-Flex Adjustable.


Unmatched Comfort and Durability

  • The First Class seat features the widest span, single-layer OMNI-Flex diaphragm to date.
  • Delivering on the high comfort, reduced foam, and exceptional durability synonymous with OMNI-Flex installations.
  • Experience the pinnacle of luxury and suspension seating technology in our First Class offering.
  • Immerse yourself in an environment that showcases the advanced capabilities of full suspension premium seating.


45% Recycled Wool

  • The First Class seat features fabric supplied by Botnay Weaving.
  • Utilising their latest range, 45% of the fabric’s yarn is sourced from recycled wool from consumer garments.
  • Experience the epitome of sustainable luxury with our First Class seat covers.
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