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At Franklin, we take pride in improving the aviation experience with cutting edge innovations for lighter, more durable seating. Our Economy range incorporates some of the latest developments including our patented FlyRight technology, advanced composite manufacturing, and EPP cushion/ seat pan assembly.

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FlyRight Technology

Sustainable Comfort Solution

  • FlyRight technology, introduced in 2013, remains the most sustainable seat comfort solution on the market.
  • Removes seatback cushion and dress cover, reducing weight, waste, and cost without compromising comfort.
  • Utilises recyclable OMNI-Flex mesh suspension fabric for optimal comfort, adjustable tension, and eliminates the need for additional cushioning.
  • Experience the next level of eco-friendly seating technology.

Composite Manufacturing

Advanced Composite Seating

  • Partnering with our sister company XCA, we now offer full composite manufacturing for aviation seating.
  • Multiple manufacturing technologies for various applications
  • From composite seat pans to fully dressed modular assemblies and even structural furniture items, we deliver exceptional composite solutions for aircraft seating.

EPP Seat Cushion

Robust and Lightweight

  • EPP component cushions provide a cost-effective and lightweight alternative to traditional seat pan and cushion combinations.
  • Optimising surfaces for comfort and developing lower density options sets us apart


Atago and Bio

  • Experience superior quality Bio Ultraleather by Ultrabrics on the Economy seat, made from 70% sustainable and organic materials.
  • The innovative bottom cushion highlights Atago, a synthetic leather
  • By combining this with a fireblocking material, we eliminate the need for a separate fireblocking layer, reducing weight, maximizing comfort, and minimizing waste.
  • Supports our dedication to sustainability through the use of advanced materials and reduced weight.
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