Welcome to our Product Spotlight: Economy Extra

At Franklin, we take pride in improving the aviation experience with cutting edge innovations for lighter, more durable seating. Our Economy Extra range utilises the revolutionary Velocity 2.0 cover system for a more conventional dress cover appearance (FlyRight+) alongside Panaphragm and Thin Foam Technology.

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FlyRight Technology

Conventional Appearance with Low Waste

  • Experience the perfect blend of traditional aesthetics and sustainable comfort with FlyRight+.
  • Combines the benefits of the FlyRight system with a traditional appearance dress cover.
  • Delivers low waste, low weight, and high comfort without compromising on the conventional look.
  • Embrace the future of eco-friendly and visually appealing seating solutions.

Velocity 2.0

Revolutionary Dress Cover Attachment System

  • Say goodbye to traditional hook and loop fasteners with Velocity 2.0.
  • Our revolutionary attachment system ensures a high-speed, perfect fit cover.
  • Designed in our own R&D department for seamless fitting and effortless removal.
  • Enjoy an improved cabin appearance throughout the life cycle with precise and consistent cover placement.


Premium Comfort and Protection

  • Panaphragm combines the best attributes of a rigid seat pan and OMNI-Flex suspension diaphragm.
  • Premium seating system offering superior passenger comfort and structural protection.
  • The rigid pan portion shields occupants from underlying structural features.
  • The OMNI-Flex suspension layer provides optimal comfort with reduced cushion thickness.
  • Enjoy a lighter seat pan and cushion assembly without compromising comfort or durability.

Thin Foam Technology

Ultra-Thin Cushioning

  • Franklin’s Thin Foam Technology revolutionises traditional cushion foam thickness.
  • Utilising the OMNI-Flex suspension system alone or with Panaphragm, we offer incredibly thin cushions, as slim as 1″ thick through the centre.
  • Drastically reduces weight, waste, and cost while maintaining durability and superior comfort.
  • Embrace the future of lightweight and eco-friendly seating without compromising on passenger experience.



  • Franklin collaborated with Perrone, distributors of Alcantara, for Economy Extra.
  • Alcantara has been certified as carbon neutral since 2009 to support the industry’s growing need for sustainable products.
  • Experience the perfect blend of style and comfort in our Economy Extra.
  • Our Economy Extra embodies our commitment to environmental responsibility, providing a sustainable seating option.

AI Design

Harnessing the Power of AI in Design

The seat cover design shown on this seat was created with AI. Through this exercise, we want to showcase how cutting-edge design techniques like AI can help transform ideas and concepts into fully realised, production-ready parts.

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