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At Franklin, we take pride in improving the aviation experience with cutting edge innovations for lighter, more durable seating. The Business seat showcases OMNI-Flex with STRUT, composite shrouds and design by AI.

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Structural Clearance Solution

  • STRUT system designed for wide PAX installations of OMNI-Flex with a focus on structural clearance.
  • Supports the OMNI-Flex diaphragm from the side of the seat pan, reducing flex across the seat’s width.
  • Minimises downward deflection, ensuring passengers stay clear of hard structures mounted under the seat.
  • Experience enhanced safety and comfort in our wide PAX seating solution.


Premium Shrouds and Manufacturing

  • Shrouds on the rear of our Business Class seat manufactured by XCA, our sister company.
  • In partnership with XCA, we offer full composite manufacturing for aviation seating.
  • Leveraging a range of manufacturing techniques, we deliver composite seat pans, fully dressed modular assemblies, and structural furniture items.
  • Immerse yourself in the craftsmanship of our composite seating solutions.


Unmatched Comfort and Easy Installation

  • STRUT system and under the seat cushions optimise the OMNI-Flex’s wide applications.
  • Easy installation with pre-tensioned replacement units, requiring no tooling.
  • Effortlessly slide the replacement unit into position, and within minutes, the diaphragm returns to its designed installation tension.
  • Experience the ultimate in comfort and convenience with our OMNI-Flex-equipped Business Class seats.


Sonoma Leather

  • Perrone’s Sonoma leather enhances our Business Class double seat with its exquisite craftsmanship.
  • The leather’s production process ensures minimal scrap material, delivering a low waste, high yield product.
  • Experience the perfect blend of sustainability and luxury through our Business Class seating.

AI Design

Harnessing the Power of AI in Design

The seat cover design shown on this seat was created with AI. Through this exercise, we want to showcase how cutting-edge design techniques like AI can help transform ideas and concepts into fully realised, production-ready parts.

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